Date of foundation: 29 March 2009

Seabac Foundation is founded on a set of believes concerning the basic rights and problems of the rural people with – illiteracy, ill-health, unemployment, civic inertia, oppression & environmental hazards. It is believed that people have their inherent power to solve their own problems, but there are lack of civic rights, opportunity and resources which need to be confered on our deprived citizens.  The development philosophy of Seabac Foundation is essentially humanist, holistic and people-centered that aim to empowering through releasing their potential inherent powers (intellectual, productive, physical, organizing, and political) to enable them in taking over responsibilities of self-reliance and sustainable development. Seabac Foundation means the people empowerment as the women & men are organized, become aware of the root causes of their impoverishment, become functionally literate, developed leadership, mobilize their own and available resources, enhance food sovereignty at family level, increase income through productive self-employment, develop capacities to cope with natural disaster, take better care of their health, get engaged in environmental protection and regeneration, get elected & raise voices in the local government and other community development institutes, etc.


Seabac Foundation envisions Bangladesh where the society is economically productive & equitable, socially & culturally just, environmentally sound, genuinely democratic with peace & tranquillity.


Mission of Seabac Foundation is to reinforce an extensive and intensive participatory & sustainable development through empowerment of poor in respective working area.

In achieving the mission, Seabac Foundation facilitates the rural people with raising consciousness, building institution  & services, appropriate skill, confident and ensure that the rural community have the necessary economic, social infrastructure and environmental resources to tackle their own problems:

  1. To enable development partners through releasing intellectual power to combat illiteracy and ignorance includes low level of consciousness and skills.
  2. To empower them through releasing productive power to alleviate poverty and achieve food security/sovereignty at family level.
  3. To empower them through developing physical power to fight against ill-health and diseases including STDs, HIV/AIDS, ADIS (Dengue) and other contegious diseases which are very concerning.
  4. To empower them through releasing institutional and social power to remove civic inertia.
  5. To protect environment and conservation of natural resources and its wise use.
  6. To foster peoples’ culture, social justice, harmony and peace.  


Assisting & enabling target families’ towards-

  1. Improving food & nutrition security of the country through extension of appropriate agricultural technologies;
    1. Capacity building (awareness and skill) of resource poor farming community to be self-reliant by practicing integrated (field crops, horticulture, livestock & birds,, fisheries, forestry, apiculture, etc)/holistic sustainable agriculture.
    1. Enabling targeted people to be organized towards establishing their rights and socio-economic aspirations;
    1. Reducing poverty, hunger and vulnerability of people with priority to divorced/ discriminated women, widow without earning members, peoples with disabilities, etc. by facilitating opportunities of self-employment and productive income generating activities (on-farm & off-farm);
    1. Facilitating for marketing of products with fair prices and linking with fair trading initiatives/ institutions;
    1. Enabling Seabac Foundation itself financially and facilitating poverty-stricken targeted people/groups with capital formation and financial support (with acceptable service charges), being received from individuals, donors. National and International banks and other financing institutions towards poverty reduction/ economic emancipations.
    1. Facilitating for development of human resources through establishing educational institutions (centers of non-formal pre-primary, primary, adults -female & males), arranging excursion and stipend for poor but meritorious students (girls & boys).
    1. Contributing for improvement of community health & nutrition, family welfare, protection of HIV/AIDS, TB, and other fatal and contagious diseases;
    1. Assisting targeted women in getting access to decision making process and economic resources of the family as per laws.
    1. Facilitating for reinforcement of rules of laws relating to all types of violence against women including women & child trafficking, early marriage, marriage registration, acid throwing and other discriminations to women;
    1. Providing and advocating for legal assistance and financial support to poor discriminated women victims of social injustice and judiciary; and their rehabilitation as appropriate.
    1. Improving agricultural biodiversity, sustainable management of watersheds and wetlands, conservation natural resources;
    1. Undertaking disaster preparedness, mitigation, trauma counseling, providing relief and rehabilitation of affected people;
    1. Protecting rights of children through education, training, advocacy and legal assistance
    1. Supporting peoples with disabilities with assisting devices, education, means of livelihoods, financial support for improving living status and protecting their citizens’ rights;
    1. Creating opportunities for children, adolescents, youths (female & male) to improving their physical and mental health including humane values and norms through encouraging and sponsoring sports and cultural events.
    1. Supporting and rehabilitation of elderly citizens (female & male) at family level though welfare and possible income generating activities by them and/or or their caretaker families.

Core Values:

Seabac Foundation- is guided by the following shared set of values:

Collaboration & partnership in development:

Seabac Foundation values members and partners who-

  • Strive to learn from their experiences and those of their colleagues;
  • Support their work and the work of their colleagues through open, honest and respectful sharing of experience and knowledge;
  • Build relationships among and between colleagues that lead to more effective work by all;
  • Enjoy contributing to the body of knowledge around food and food-related grantmaking;
  • Believe in collaboration as a necessary condition for advancing the common goals of organization members and
  • Believe in active involvement and participation in an organization to make it successful.
  • Play an active role in moving the deliberations forward, helping to ensure all voices are heard.
  • Use their philanthropic resources to effect systemic change;


Seabac Foundation values food systems that encourage and enable-

  • Biological diversity;
  • Diversity of farm and food enterprises, including diversity of their ownership structures, scale and locations;
  • Diverse production practices adapted to the local ecology, producers’ interests and community needs; and
  • Economic and leadership opportunities for those working at all points in food and agriculture systems regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural and economic background.

 Regionalization and localization:

Seabac Foundation values food systems that:

  • Foster significant increases in the production, availability and demand for sustainably produced foods;
  • Capture and multiply economic, social and ecological benefits within locales and regions;
  • Reduce the distance food travels from field to fork, and
  • Enable closer and more transparent connections between consumers, producers and other workers in the food and agriculture supply chain.

Environmental Integrity and Stewardship:

Seabac Foundation values food systems that benefit the environment through-

  • The reduction of chemical and fossil fuel use;
  • The promotion of biological diversity;
  • The humane treatment of animals;
  • The improvement of soil health;
  • Practices that create cleaner water and air; and
  • Systems that contribute less to climate change.

Community focused:

Seabac Foundation values food systems that benefit the community through-

  • Deciding for crops production according to their choice, needs & environmental  conservation
  • Production & preservation of own seeds species, breeds;
  • Ownersship of production resources;
  • Secure food & nutrition at family level;
  • Exchange/sharing of seeds, diverse foods, labours, etc.
  • Using low external inputs for agricultural production.

Programs/Activities of the Organization:

In achieving the goal & objectives, Seabac Foundation implements following program-

  1. Peoples’ Organization Building.
  2. Development Education & Training.
  3. Sustainable Agriculture & Farmers’ Rights Development
  4. Human rights, Gender and Development.
  5. ECO-WATSAN & MSWM (Municipal Solid Waste Management) Development.
  6. Environmental Protection, Disaster Preparedness & Response.
  7. GO-NGO-Private Sector Collaboration in Development Initiatives,
  8. Networking and Solidarity for Social Justice and Peace.

Target Groups:

Seabac Foundation aims at empowering rural resource-poor peoples (landless, marginalized & small land-holders) focussing farming community towards sustainable rural livelihoods through enhancing self-reliant irrespective of religion, caste & creed, women-men, child-adolescent; Dalits/Wastepickers; who are  illiterate, ill-health, joblessness, civic inertia, victims of injustice, environmental hazards, downtrodden, deprived from rights and opportunities.